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Thread: All of my plot ideas.

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    100+ Plots

    I'm going to try to post all of the ideas I've had since 1997 in this topic. This will take several replies due to a posting size limit.


    THoH Ideas:

    1. "The Yellow Years"
    Ancident at the plant causes Homer to grow younger day by day.

    2. "My Favorite Martin"
    Martin is actually an alien out to kidnap all the brainy children and use them on his homeworld's plan to overthrow Rigel 7.

    3. "The Six Million Dollar Boy"
    Bart's involvement in a Skateboarder accident leads to an operation that makes him bionic. Now the strongest, fastest, kid in school, Bart's the force to be reconned with, until his machine half goes haywire.

    4. "The Watermelon Woman"
    After Bart eats some bad Chinese food and goes to bed, he wakes up a young lady.

    5. "Reaction Figures"
    Lisa's collection of Malibu Stacys come alive and try to do her in.

    6. "Dueling Yahoos"
    Homer's solo cross-country drive Home winds a up matter of survival as a manical trucker tries to take him down.

    Normal ideas:

    7. "Our Way, Right Away"
    Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Smithers are layed off and end up working at Krusty Burger.

    8. "Legally Blind Date"
    A computer match at school hooks Lisa up with Millhouse as part of a dating-excercise, but she is almost willing to get an "F" to avoid him.

    9. "...and they Got to Writing"
    Homer and Marge try to write a book about marital bliss, but wind up causing more divorces after the book is published.

    10. "Ten Little Springfieldians"
    In an Agetha Christy-esque tale, Homer and Marge spend a weekend with other couples at an island-based bed and breakfast, but have a hard time finding pleasure as the residence are killed off, on at a time.

    11. "A Star is Torn"
    Lisa's hope for stardom is cut short when the company she recorded some sax solo's steals her music. Furious, Lisa tries to take down the comapany.

    More THoH ideas:

    12. "Arrgh-Agnesphobia" Halloween Short:
    Agnes is cloned and Springfield's most annoying citizen litteraly becomes 'everybody's mother.'

    13. "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Simpson" Halloween Short:
    Homer is given an experimental syrum that gives him good looks and a pleasent personalitly, but wears off and he becomes his old grumpy self every few hours.

    14. "Attack of the 50 Foot Maggie" Halloween Short:
    Maggie is 'accidently' given the growth medication and within a few hours, is trouncing around Springfield.

    Normal Ideas:

    15. "The Thin, R.E.M. Line"
    Marge's increasing sleepless nights force her to go to a sleep center for treatment. Meanwhile, Homer and the kids take up the adopt a highway program to pick up trash along route 401. While frolicing in the ditch, Bart trips over part of a buried World War II Jeep. After digging out the jeep, Homer and the kids find a soldiers skeleton and a security box that contains a map to some undelivered, buried gold someplace near Springfield.

    16. "Below Hero"
    When a minor earthquake rocks Springfield, Homer helps the Flanders to safety, but falls down an open fissure into the blackness. Mistaken for dead, Homer tries to make his way back to the surface and discovers a few neat things below Springfield.

    17. "Somthing...Mell's Funny":
    Sideshow Mell takes over for Krusty after his boss is seriously injured in a live stunt. Taking some pointer from Krusty's number one fan, Bart, Mell becomes a star. The only snafu is that Mell's popularity soars and nobody really wants Krusty to comeback.

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    18. "The Fling: Part II"
    Jessica Lovejoy, fresh out of reform school, is placed in Bart's class and makes Bart reconsider their 'relationship'. With much persuasion, she convinces him to pair up for the ultimate prank on Springfield--a sighting of Jesus.

    19 "The Wides of Marge"
    Marge feels that she's gainging too much weight and tries to diet, but the weight keeps on comming.

    20. "Duff Enough"
    Homer enters Barney into a "Toughman" competition and forces Barney to fight for beer, fame and money to help keep Moes from shutting down...

    21. "Where on the Cover of that Magazine is Maggie Simpson?"
    Maggie, and her arch-nemisis, Gerald, are Springfield's hottest Baby models, however, Gerald has 'plans' of his own to steal the spotlight. (This episode would feature a flashback to the time Maggie and Gerald became enemies.)

    22. "Near-Life Experience"
    Marge enters corperate America as a day-trader and discovers the joy of massive stress on the 'market'.

    23. "Simon Church"
    Rev. Lovejoy's childhood minister, and insperation, Graham Simon, comes back to town after thirty years as bitter lonely old man. After a brief reunion, he tells the Rev. that he's now and atheiest. Shocked, and upset, Reverend Lovejoy tries to make him reconsider his postion.

    24. "H-TWO-No"
    Springfield is in the grips of a nasty drought and everyone is forced to conserve water.

    25. "Legends of the Small"
    Gavin, the spoiled guy who yells at his mom, is forced to attend Springfield Elementary after being expelled from his private school.

    26. "Rushless"
    Bart's new teacher, Mr. Trotter, takes over for Edna after she falls and breaks her arm. After a brief get to know session with the class, Bart takes a strong disliking to his temporary new educator and vows to become 'the worst student ever'.

    27. "A Diamond in the Rough"
    Lisa follows the mayor around for a day for a paper for Ms. Hoover's class. Both facinated and appalled, she learns the workings, and shames of the most corrupt politician in Springfield's history.

    28. "Bob Burns"
    Mr. Burns appoints Sideshow Bob his new successor for the plant if anything were to happen to him. Not surprisingly, something does and Sideshow Bob could get the last laugh as he sets the plant's core to meltdown, killing all of Springfield. Unfortunetly, Homer is the only one who knows of the eminent crisis. Can he stop Bob and the meltdown in time???

    29. "Killing Moe"
    After recieving threatening letters, Moe decides to close the bar and go into hiding at the Simpsons home, despite Marge's rejections. Meanwhile, he tries to find out who could be the one sending the scary stationary.

    30. "Survivor: The Musical"
    Skinner auditions for this reality spoof that is passing for theather.

    31. "Homer the Communist"
    Flashback to Homer's Seventh grade English class...Homer has completed a report on democrosy, thanks his stupidity, makes him seem like a communist supporter. Thanks to an overactive FBI, a file was opened on Abe and Homer. Flashforward to the present...Homer's applying for a loan for new car and is denied for reason on his FBI file. Shocked and frightened, Homer enlists Lisa's aid in finding out what the dealy-o is going on.


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    32. "What Dreams May Go"
    Since he didn't want to awakened by Lisa's overly loud alarm clock, Bart turns it off. Sadly, Lisa oversleeps and misses her appointment with Mr. Largo and a famous sax musician who was a close friend of Bleeding Gums Murphy. Never being so mad at anyone in her life, Lisa makes a vow never to speak to Bart, but later regrets it when he runs away.

    33. "Children of a lesser Maude"
    A "Foul-Temptress" charms her way into Ned's life when she mistake him for a man of money. The tale of how Ned met Maud is revealled...

    34. "Pilot"
    The Simpsons are chosen as a research TV family in this parody of the Nielsens, but soon realize the ratings boxes are more than just gathers of TV viewing data.

    35. "The World According to Todd"
    When Rodd is picked as the lead singer in a church recital, Todd becomes very envious and breaks out of his 'good-boy' shell. Becoming a bit worldly, Todd, secretly hitches a ride with that singer from "Alone Again...".

    36. "The A Team"
    Skinner enlists the aid of Gary and the other nerds to help the teachers raise the grades. The geeky trio, calling themselves "The A Team", take one Bart and try to make the nerds lives hell.

    37. "Bringing in the Heap"
    Homer developes a facination for old cars after visiting a classic auto show. Unfortunetly, He can not afford to buy even a decent old ride and ends up having a piece of junk in the back yard--a piece a junk that happens to be worth a lot more than anyone thought!

    38. "Lisa the Eccentric"
    When a prominent enviormentalist passes away, he leaves Lisa a large inheritence. When the solicitors start pouring in, Lisa becomes very, very suspicious of those around her, including her own family and begins to withdraw from society....

    39. "What Lies in Front"
    Someone in Springfield is a liar. Someone raked in the cash...You see, a bag containing $2 Million dollars fell out of the back of an armoured car, broke open, and rained its contents down upon Springfield in the valley. Who knows where it went?

    Bart? Lisa? Homer? Nelson? Principal Skinner? No one is coming forward, and Brinks wants answers in this "Clue-esque" mystery-themed episode.

    40. "Endurence Pest"
    Homer tries to exterminate the rat problem that is plauging the home, but soon realises that they've dug in deeper than expected.

    41. "Treehouse of History"
    Bart and Lisa recall the time the Treehouse was built by Homer and Ned as a play area, and they remember how Rodd and Todd were banned from it.

    42. "OFF and Hahn"
    The Simpsons take in a Chinese Girl, Hahn, who is actually fleeing China. Furious the Chinese government wants her back, as well as her father, but Lisa begs Homer not to let her go.

    43. "The Paper"
    Bart, jokingly, writes a paper that explains how men are superior to women. When Lisa reads it after it's published in the school paper, she becomes furious and deaf to Bart's apologies. Brooding, she unites the girls in the school in giving all the guys the cold shoulder and Bart responds in like by turning the guys on the girls.

    44. "The Ned Zone"
    Ned's beatnik parents comeback and try to make amends with Ned and his family. However, Ned wants nothing to do with them and moves in next door to the family until they decide to leave.

    45. "Springfield's Silver Hammer"
    A bully more brutal than Nelson comes to Springfield and quickly vows to eliminate the competition. Unlike Nelson, this bully is just as smart as Lisa, and twice as coniving as Bart. It looks like Springfield Elementary has its hands full...

    46. "Blush Hour"
    Marge becomes a motherly fashion model and becomes the envy of all the housewives in Springfield. Lisa strongly objects becasue she feels that the chemicals in the make up might have been tested on animals.

    "The Federaly Mandated, Somthing Sort-of Educational, Edutainment Half-Hour" (or "Springfield's Mediocre Theater")

    In a parody of Masterpiece Theater, the Simpsons pay homage to three 'classic' tales:

    47. "Robin Hoods": Bart (Robin Hood) leads him merry band of men, Ralph, Nelson, and Milhouse as they steal from the rich, steal from the poor, and give to no one.

    48. "Camelot Knights": In this parody, Homer is King Arthur as he leads his fellow knights on an attack of the Pastry Kingdom and win the love of one Princess Blueberry Shortcake (aka Marge).

    49. "Little Read Riding Hood": Lisa's trip to deliver tasteful reading material to Grandpa is interupted by wolf. Unfortunetly, this wolf thinks Lisa is cute and it looks a lot like Millhouse.

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    50. "Death After Life"
    After Homer save Mr. Burns from a heart-attack with a plunger, Mr. Burns gives Homer the keys to the nuclear power plant. Thirty seconds later, Homer is back at his old post while Smithers takes over while Burns rests back at the mansion. Drunk on his sense of power, Smither gradually turns into a Burns himself and refuses to give the plant up.

    51. "Father of the Bribed"
    The Springfield Church faces demolition as Reverend Lovejoy stands silently by. Shocked, Marge tries to find out how this could've happend and if she can save the church, with or without the Rev's help.

    52. "The Defiant Bums"
    Homer and Barney, as an April Fools joke, dress up as bums and spend one night out as a homeless pair. Drunk, they pass out in an alley by a dumpster, but wake up in a near-slave labor camp in parts unknown. Still chained, they have to make their escape.

    53. "The Bartman Chronicals"
    Similar to an episode of Cops, Milhouse films Bart as he romps through Springfield's nightlife as Bartman.

    54. "Big Trouble in Little Springfield"
    Bart and Lisa sneak out of their Italian dinner at Lugi's and stumble on mob dealings. Almost caught, they are pursued by Fat Tony and his cronies while Marge and Homer are unaware...

    55. "A League to Disown"
    Bart joins little league and makes it to the championships while having a great season. However, he breaks his arm off the field and asks Lisa to bat for him in the championship game.

    56. "Issues"
    The CBG teams up with Bart to create and publish his own comic book series--A Comic about a crime fighting, alien, cyborg Unicorn named Brooklyn. All is well until the CBG takes the credit, leaving Bart to cover is assets.

    57. "Snake in the Class" (there's another ep with the same title, but with a different plot)
    Snake tries to turn his life around and ends up an assistant for Moe. However, Moe knows of Snake's past and pays him to be his bodyguard from Fat Tony and the Mob.

    58. "The Last of the Bohemians"
    Lisa takes up the Bohemian lifestyle.

    59. "Ever Neddy"
    Ned becomes the Minister of the Church while Lovejoy is in the hospital. Due to Neds flim-flamishness, the church decends into the pits of something out of Barney the dinosaur meets Moses...

    60. "Sun Burns"
    Mr. Burns, while looking for towards the future, secretly plans on switching to an unmanned solar power plant outside of town. When he converts, it forces the entire staff to find new work around Springfield...This is the episode that depicts their lives.

    61. "The Temp at which Lisa Burns"
    When a new, highly-controversal politician becomes Quimby's advisor, a new law passed in Springfield prohibits books in town limits and forces all the stories to be viewed by internet only. Very upset, Lisa challenges the ruling when she finds out all of the controversial content has been removed from the stories after the books are placed on-line.

    62. "Crouching Lisa, Hidden Martin"
    Lisa, Martin, and a batch of nerds from around Springfield enter a high-publicity, "Survivor"-esque contest. Instead of a physical test of endurence, the contestents must outwit one another to make it to the end. At the very end, Lisa and Martin are the only two contestents left. Who will make it?

    63. "The Second Koming of Krust"
    After a car accident and near death, Krusty fearing that he's finished for good, asks his number one fan, Bart, to take over his spot as a children's entertainer. Bart accepts, but fails with the audience. Desperate, Bart looks up a host of old comedy shows from SCTV to Laugh-In for insperation and reformats the show. Two-Weeks later, the now "Bart-Show's" ratings are through the roof. All is well until Krusty comes back, but he hates what Bart has done. Can the two reach a compromise?

    Krusty: Eh, kid. You look like you've got a good 57 years left in ya!

    64. "Rev-alution Radio"
    Lovejoy opens up his Christian talk show to include Christian Bands, but gets in deep water when a band called "Holy Dust" plays not-so-Christian music, live, on his show. Kicked out of his church, the Rev, tries to make his way back to the top.


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    More THoH:

    65. "Dog Daze"
    SLH leads of revolt on Humans as all dogs in Springfield become super intelligent and turn on their masters.

    66. "Next of Sin"
    Bart, from 30 years in the future, travels back in time to change the future. His mission: to kill Milhouse becasue he is responsible for starting World War III.

    67. "Where is Springfield?"
    Kodos and Kang, using Rigelian technology, beam the town of Springfield, buildings, people and all, to Rigel 7 where the town is placed on display like a zoo. Can Bart, Lisa, and Homer beam the town back to where it supposed to be?

    More normal ideas:

    68. "Mobtivity"
    Lisa's trip to visit the mayor takes a turn for the worst as she accidently puts a set of Mob files in her backpack. After checking the security tapes, Fat Toni quickly follows her out of the school and his goons follow close behind. Not wanting to put the family in danger, Lisa tries to outrun and outsmart the guys who are chasing her.

    69. "Of Moe and Men"
    Moe recalls the tale of how he opened his bar over thirty years ago in the late 60's and how he used to be a "Slightly Older" hippy.

    70. "Tie Breaker"
    When Lenny and Carl quit the plant to get a job in a cubicle, Homer becomes intrigued at the life in an office, but soon misses the duo and tries to get them to return to the plant.

    71. "Tape Dance"
    After being burglerized, Marge discovers that a couple of 'private' home videos are missing that contain some snuggle moments between her and Homer. Desperate to get them back, Marge and Homer take a road trip around Springfield to find the theives and get their tape back.

    72. "Journey to the Center of the Girth"
    A new, safe miracle diet gives Homer the body he wants with starving himself, but soon becomes a babe magnet, which makes Marge a bit jealous.

    73. "Bart the Bootlegger"
    Bart, while visiting Krusty studios, finds an old tape of one of Krusty's unaired shows. Swiping it, he soon tells his fellow classmates of his find and they all want a copy, but things hit the fan when the kids all watch the tape and find out it's the episode when an on air joke goes wrong and nearly ends Krusty's career, thus putting his friendship with Krusty on the harshest rocks, ever.

    74. "Mell and Sidshow Bob Strike Bart"
    Bob convinces Mell that he should quit being Krusty's lowly cohort and he also convinces Bob that Bart is the cause of Krusty's mood swings, so in an unclownly allience, the two team up to get back at Bart.

    75. "Always a Bigger Bully"
    Seemingly out of nowhere, a bigger kid starts hanging around Evergreen
    Terrace and protects Bart, Milhouse, and Ralph from Nelson and the
    bullies. Curious about their benifactor, the trio follow him to his
    house where they get the surprise of their lives--This guy is actually a
    criminal on the run from the law.

    76. "Pacified in Sixty paces"
    After a prank gone wrong, Bart is stuck with Maggie on the wrong side of
    the Capital City Zoo and has to sneak his way back to the busses before
    they leave, or be tormented by Skinner back in school and Marge back at

    77. "The Derprivation of Lisa Simpson"
    Caught up in protesting with the soon-to-be deported Chinese deportees,
    Lisa is accidently herded onboard and is on her way back to China.
    Two-weeks later, a desperate Simpson family hears of her plight and
    Homer and Marge go China to get her back.

    78. "Suburbphobia--Marge Style!"
    Marge begins to feel that the walls are closing in and that the
    neighbors are out to uncover the families privacy. In response, Lisa and
    Reverend Lovejoy try to get Marge out of the house and doing some
    community service, but Marge ends up kidnapped with Helen Lovejoy (by
    Snake) and have a face off over who's the biggest gossip. (Driving Snake
    crazy in the process!)

    Treehouse of Horror ideas:

    79. "Marge of the Beast"
    Marge suddenly has the power to control animals with her mind...however,
    who is now in control of Marge?

    80. "Mutantfield"
    Mr. Burns is secretly kidnapping the townspeople, mutating them, and are
    selling them to a large medical company for research...Can Homer stop
    them in time?

    81. "Daze of our Lives"
    Lisa is forced to relive the entire day over and over, stuck with a
    bunch of nerds. Desperate for a way out, she tries to solve the mystery
    of her continuity corruption.


    82. "Nerd and Nerdlet"
    Milhouse, saving Lisa from a hit-and-run, begs her to at least consider
    going out with him. Against her better wishes, Lisa agrees to spend ONE
    HOUR with him.

    83. "Spikey Pattern Baldness"
    The unthinkable might be happening to Bart--he might be going bald at
    the tender young age of Ten! Can Dr. Hibbert find out the cause (and
    it's not stress!) before Nelson has any more ways at making fun of Bart?

    (More after the show!)


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    84: "Tabby Road"-- Lisa orphans a sick kitten, while Snowball 2
    and SLH become jealous and run away.

    85: "Planet of the Abes"-- Grandpa talks about how he met and
    married his wife shortly after World War 2.

    #86: "Lisa, the Antique"-- Lisa takes up an interest in old
    Springfield knick-knacks and finds a music box of immense value--
    until Bart breaks it by accident.

    : THoH 12:

    #87 "VR Lisa"
    Lisa finds out why she is so 'gifted'...she's actually a
    computer generated life form inside a mainframe computer owned
    by Frink. She begins to relise what is happening as everyone
    starts to dissapear, one-by-one, as glitch starts to devour the

    #88 "Would the Real Bart Simpson Please stand Up?"
    At a science fair explosion, Bart is seperated into two beings--
    The gental loveable Bart, and the pure evil, notorious Bart.

    #89 "The Bride of Neddistein" (THoH Idea)
    In a fit of madness, Ned creates a 'new' Maude out of body parts
    from the Morgue and he uses Maud's brain. Unfortunetly, the
    experiment goes horribly wrong...Instead of being a horrible
    beast, this new woman turns out to be a foul temptress that has
    every man going ga-ga over her--except Ned.

    #90: "Outsider Bart" -- Bart decides to spend two-weeks fasting
    and suffering with Apu in order to prove to the school kids that
    he isn't a 'wuss'.

    #91: "Cory, We hardly knew Ye": As part of a cruel prank on some
    unsuspecting girl, Bart reads one of Lisa's magazines to find
    out what the 'ideal' Cory-type of boy is like. Emulating
    a 'Cory' Bart meets an unsuspecting girl and tries to act like a
    good boy and even says his name is 'Cory', but he ends up liking
    the girl. All is rosey until Lisa tells the girl what Bart is
    really like.

    #92: "Springfieldian Beauty": What is the flawed, darkside to
    Springfield's families? What kind of things do they fathom doing
    to their fellow man? Watch, and find out.

    #93: "Somtimes they always come back..Criminals": The builders
    of the Simpsons Home, Snake's parents, return to claim ownership
    of their original house. At first, their claim seems screwball,
    but they win in court and OFF has to move out.

    #94: "Beer an the vedicative Father": Homer decides to sue Duff
    beer after getting sick off of Duff Goo, the new Duff.

    #95: "It's not the Principle, It's the Principal"
    Skinner decides to run for mayor which causes him to part ways
    with mother and the school to fall into worse shape. Meanwhile,
    Homer suffers with a broken leg from an accident at work as Bart
    is doing hard labor as punishment at school.

    #96: "Before Marge"
    Homer recalls the time when had one other serious
    girlfriend 'before Marge' and how they ended up going their
    seprate ways.

    #97: "Springfield Doesn't Count"
    After a snafu in the census, the town recieves less than .01% of
    funding to stay afloat.

    #98: "End X's" (the "X's" means 'times' like in Multiplication)
    Bart finds out that he is VERY good in math, even better than
    Lisa...or is he?

    #99: "Mission Indodgeable"
    Bart enters a fourth grade dodge-ball competition that pits
    Springfield against Shelbyville.

    #100: "Selma's Day Out"
    After a bitter arguemnt w/Pattie, Selma moves out to find a man
    while Pattie asks Marge for her help in getting her renagde twin

    #101: "Lisa the Roadie"
    Lisa runs off and joins a traveling jazz band and becomes the
    lead Sax player.

    #102: "Army of Bartness" (THoH idea)
    Bart, through telepathy, trains the rats of Springfield to obey his
    every command.

    #103: "Head Drain" (THoH)
    The REAL reason of Lisa intelligence is solved--her intelligence is
    because she can 'absorb' a nearby person's mental energy and use it to
    increase her own brain power. However, things go astray as she nears her ninth birthday. Lisa is suddenly, uncontrolably, starts leeching all of
    the mental power of those near her and turning them into zombies.

    #104 "And Medicare for All"
    When Grandpa's health insurance is about to be cancelled, he's left with
    only one option--going to jail to get free health care. Together, with
    jasper and Marge's mother, they decide to live it up by going on a
    petty-crime spree so that they can be locked up for a very long time.

    #105 "Children of the Scorned"
    Days of misbehaving at Sprinfield elementary might soon be over as the
    board of education votes on whether or not to reinstate State corporal
    punishment rules.

    #106 "Auto, Van, Lisa"
    A large automaker opens in Springfield and Homer quits the plant to work
    on the auto assembly line. However, the plant is video taped polluting
    the surrounding land and Lisa steps up and petitions to have the auto
    plant closed, and with Homer's higher paying job on the line, but it
    places the biggest rift between Lisa and the rest of the family.

    #107 "Buggered"
    After being teased by Bart, Gary, one of the former college nerds,
    plants a computer virus in Springfields top three banking systems,
    causing the family, and other innocent Springfieldians, to have their
    credit ratings nearly destroyed.

    #108 "The Usual Rejects"
    Fat Tony's mob moves out of their old hideout after a fire and decides
    to make the CBG's back room their new base of operations. Meanwhile,
    Sideshow Bob has just escaped from prision and is on the run and
    stumbles onto the new hideout and Bart. Also, Bob reads up on Tony's
    plans to rob a money truck coming to the first Springfield Bank and
    decides the best thing to to is to blackmail the Mob into getting rid of
    the Springfield family in the biggest showdown of the century--Bob vs
    Fat Tony.

    #109 "When Death Do Us Bart"
    Bart, after a nasty skateboarding accident, is knocked unconcious. His
    prognosis is that he'll be in coma forever, but a few day's later
    awakens in the middle of the night and stumbles out of his first story
    hospital window. Suffering memory loss, he hitches a ride with a farmer
    and winds up working on a farm in Spittle county. While there, he falls
    for the farmer's daugther, and whe Simpsons come and pick him up, he
    doesn't want to leave...

    #110 "DOT.CON"
    Bart, wanting to be an online entrpeunuer, opens an online auction
    website that has several possesions for sale--Including Lisa's.

    #111 "Three Doors Klown"
    Marge fills is in for Krusty as Sideshow Marge,again, but is seriously
    injured in a gag gone astray. Denying all responsibilty, Krustylu
    Studios refuses to pay for Marge's injuries and places Bart against
    Krusty in court.

    #112 "Silence of the Damned"
    Homer, after an explosion at work, looses his hearing. Not knowing how
    long he'll be deaf for, he hires a teacher of sign-language, but ends up
    falling for her.



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    I love em' all, easily the best ideas I've seen from anyone. Can't wait for episode ideas #8...or #9?
    i wish that you were here. we'd have a tea party to celebrate. drive a cop car into the lake, and hold our breath for two long boring days.

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    Thanks! I was going to post more ideas on this topic, but I cannot find some of my old posts on There's still about twenty, or so ideas I haven't posted yet.

    The ninth list should be up in about a week, though.


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    I think that all of them are great but number 11. "A Star is Torn" I think I've read that in a simpsons comic but the rest are great you are a really good thinker u outta work for the show give them ideas!
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    Those are great.
    Back to my original idea. Vote on the best. The first to 2 gets on a poll. Kind of like the worst and best episodes ever.
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    Jake, you really think that people are going to read all those episode ideas? Sure they will :rolleyes I wouldn't have wasted my time looking for these ideas.

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    barneybeergumble please go jogging on the freeway, please. You'll be doing mankind a favor.

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    They all sound great, #8 and #44 look very cool

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    Survivor: The Musical is the best idea ever!

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