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    The Simpsons' Secret? It's Written by Math Geeks.... NPR Interview

    For 25 seasons, The Simpsons writers have been smuggling math onto Americans' TV screens. Author Simon Singh helps Ira decode the show's number play, while former Simpsons writer David X. Cohen remembers how he helped Homer solve Fermat's Last Theorem (
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    Well, I guess that makes up for them not being comedy writers

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    Found this a while ago. This guy writes books on Simpsons and mathematics.

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    I've read some of his book about the mathematics on the Simpsons (and Futurama), and it's an interesting read. A lot of it is just pointing out triviaish things like the blocks Maggie was playing with in Bart the Genius spelling out E=MC square and small things from episodes, but it has some interesting explanations to certain things like the puzzle in Lisa the Simpson and Homer3 and has a few interview quotes he did with Simpson and Futurama writers (he apparently was at the table read for Four Regrettings and a Funeral).
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