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View Poll Results: Was the Kid Alright?
5/5 Tim Long's Masterpiece 4 4.40%
4/5 The Best Political Episode In The Last 19 Years 9 9.89%
3/5 Best Episode of Season 25 so Far 35 38.46%
2/5 Typical Modern, Lazily Written, Unfunny, Crap. 24 26.37%
1/5 Welp, Tim Long Has Done It Again! (wah, wah) 19 20.88%
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Thread: Rate and Review "The Kid Is All Right" (SABF02)
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1010011010 12:55 PM 11-24-2013
Original Airdate: November 24th, 2013. Lisa's new best friend turns out to be a Republican and her opponent in the second-grade class election. Rate and Review after it airs and such.

Cromulent182 05:30 PM 11-24-2013
While it may have been Tim Long's masterpiece it still only deserves 2/5

Alonso Tigerheart 05:32 PM 11-24-2013
Gave it 2/5. I was surprised to see Mr. Bergstrom, which was cool and sad, and the bombardment guy but otherwise meh

BrokenBox 05:33 PM 11-24-2013
This sucked bad.


The couch gag(which sucked) was bad too.

1.5/5 or 2/5

Second to Homerland as worst of season

Irvine 05:33 PM 11-24-2013

Yeardley's singing voice usually gets on my nerves, but I actually think she sounded kinda pleasant when singing in the beginning. And I liked her line, "You know, I think I've made my point." I wish the writers would realize that more often.

The interaction between Lisa and Isabel was pretty cute, and the only real "clunky" part of the dialogue was the anagram thing.

The joke with Milhouse and the M&M went on too long.

Yes, for the most part, I enjoyed this act. Until the end kicked in...


Lisa the Liberal is starting to kick in, but she hasn't gotten TOO annoying so far.

Oh, God, the Springfield Republican Party. In the post-classic era, that means an episode death.

And really, they make ANOTHER Chris Christie fat joke after they made that awful one on Politically Inept?


The Repulican Party scenes continue to drag the episode down. Why are they even here? They could have introduced a WAY more believable conflict between them!

So, I guess they just pulled Isabel out of school to have ice cream with them? That scene transition felt shaky.

Some serious continuity porn going on in this episode. First, two classic era references (Lisa's Substitute and Lisa's Date With Density) and one post classic reference (the bombardment guy. Ugh.)


They really had to do the Chalmers name pronunciation joke TWICE?

Wow, a full orgasm of continuity with the banner shed!

The ending felt way too abrupt.


Well, I guess the "good start, bad ending" isn't just limited to the RABF production line. 3/5 (C+)

PouchedRat 05:34 PM 11-24-2013

I'm a liberal, love anything involving even a tiny bit of Burns and Smithers, and still thought the entire episode sucked bad.... then by the end Hypnotoad appeared and I suddenly forgot everything that had happened up until then and got super-excited.

/edit- Also, did anyone else think the pacing was horribly off? Like, moreso than normal?

tormented 05:36 PM 11-24-2013
Didn't see the first act, and have no desire to. Another boring as hell modern Simpsons episode.

What was the couch/blackboard gag?

Financial Panther 05:36 PM 11-24-2013
Episode poll options shouldn't reflect the opinion of the creator. I think the best episode of the season was a 5/5.

Anyway...I think this was a very good episode. What stood out to me was the large amount of callbacks (Bergstrom, Bombardment, Funzo...). It seems that they respect the hardcore fans. The opening sequence was...interesting, but it still wish there was more time devoted to the episode. Isabel was a an adequate character; there were times she reminded me a lot of Allison Taylor. I liked that we actually saw a legitimate Bart prank with him shooting spitballs from the ceiling. The episode also had what I considered the best sign gag of the season (Play (Annoyed Grunt)). However, I felt like the whole angle with the Republican Party getting in on it was unneeded. Still, a good episode and my second-favorite of the season so far. 4/5.

Tattooed Billionaire 05:37 PM 11-24-2013
I surprisingly enjoyed it, even if "Lisa's Rival" crept into my head often. The satire was semi-clever, taking looks at the Citizens United law case and America's changing electoral landscape. There was nothing outstanding here, but it's the first "Simpsons" episode in a while striving to be smart.

Oh, that's raspberry! 05:38 PM 11-24-2013
Was filled with unnatural dialogue to point out plot points, that was what stuck out to me the most. It had some scatter shot humorous moments but not enough to bring it past a 2/5. I liked the spirit of the couch gag, but the implementation of the sound seemed delayed which was inexcusable considering the topic. Just listen to Burns tapping the podium, the tapping sounds are clearly late. Done correctly it coulda been very nice. As it was, the Homer instrument's cameo at the end of the episode was easily the best thing from it, one of those few random scatter shot jokes I actually enjoyed in the episode.

Also, being an LBJ nut of sorts I couldn't help but think of the Marge who was depressed when he died meeting the one who apparently voted for Reagan. A random thought I know but hey, it's somewhat politically relevant.

*NormalGamer* 05:38 PM 11-24-2013
Originally Posted by Stupid Idiot:
Didn't see the first act, and have no desire to. Another boring as hell modern Simpsons episode.

What was the couch/blackboard gag?
@ *referring to bold*

There isn't any couch or blackboard gag; the intro is a Silly Symphonies parody, which was pretty nice. ^_^

Cromulent182 05:43 PM 11-24-2013
Modern political simpsons suck. There's more intelligent political humor on reddit. If modern-Simpsons is going to be a dumbed down version of classic simpsons I wish they would stop trying to seem smart. It wouldn't be as cringey. It makes itself seem even dumber by acting smart and failing than if it would just go into a more slapstick mode.

Patches O'houlihan 06:01 PM 11-24-2013
I felt like everything was just 'explained' to me. It didn't seem natural or relatable, IMO.

Some funny slapstick was a nice change, though.


ManiacalRoboKiller 06:27 PM 11-24-2013
Yeah this was definitely Tim Long's best episode but that isn't saying a much. It had a few laughs or chuckles but nothing worth a 3/5 for. This episode was EXTREMELY heavy on the callbacks like they knew they were making a subpar shit episode and decided to include hella callbacks to past better episodes to make it seem less shitty.

Lance.Uppercut 06:31 PM 11-24-2013
I couldn't focus as well on the rest of the episode after Mr. Bergstrom showed up. I just kind of sat there, agitated. At any rate, this episode's concept is kind of an odd bundle of concepts from the get-go. Even if one ignores the fact that children aren't this politically involved, that grade school elections aren't this played-up and that these plot points and elements come from odd ducks like Lisa's Rival and The President Wore Pearls, the episode is riddled with ridiculous gags. Homer and Bart dancing to the Super Bowl shuffle and then Homer choking Bart unconscious? Chalmers' increasingly annoying and baffling appearance? Lisa's questionable comments about Isabel's heritage?

This whole thing just seemed like a long political inside joke that I'm not in on. Maybe that's why I don't like this episode that much - that I don't get the jokes much. The only thing I can say I really liked was the Lisa-Bart dynamic which, again, was a solid part of Lisa's Rival. That was really about it.

Oh, that's raspberry! 06:43 PM 11-24-2013
Originally Posted by Lance.Uppercut:
Homer and Bart dancing to the Super Bowl shuffle and then Homer choking Bart unconscious? Chalmers' increasingly annoying and baffling appearance? Lisa's questionable comments about Isabel's heritage?
It did take me a few of his appearances to realize Chalmers was intentionally screwing up Lisa's name as he was on the Republican Party team. It was still very awkwardly done. As was the Homer and Bart thing but I thought the if you'll run you'll have a heart attack line was legit funny/clever so it nearly made up for that scene.

Financial Panther 06:45 PM 11-24-2013
Lance.Uppercut, were you mad about the Bergstrom appearance? I liked it. I'm glad the writers acknowledged the hardcore fans by putting in a character that hasn't been seen in 23 years.

The Monster That Ate Everybody 06:50 PM 11-24-2013
Didn't like that Bergstrom gag.

Political viewpoints aside this episode was good and at least consistently funny and I liked Isabel. But yeah the Springfield republicans spoiled the episode. Chalmers was odd but I chuckled at him interrupting Lisa at the end. The ending in the future wasn't funny.


Brad Lascelle 07:09 PM 11-24-2013
My big takeaway from this episode is that it came off as "trying too hard" to appease the folks around here - thus leading to a lot of unnatural dialogue that didn't flow consistently and a zillion call-back references to past episodes. Almost as if Tim Long is now aware of his rep and trying to appeal to us. And yet I already made the point in the S25 thread that it doesn't matter what his contribution was to this episode, the only way to shake that rep is by making a good episode. And this WASN'T a good episode.

That being said, there were a lot of elements I enjoyed. Almost every Bart-Lisa scene was great - some of the most genuine interactions between the two of them you'll find in recent seasons. Loved Maggie role-playing as Moe - that was a cute gag. The animation direction was solid tonight - but that's no surprise given that Mark Kirkland was at the helm.

Most of my complaints have already been called out. Scenes going too long. Jokes needing to be explained. Forced & unfunny political humor trying to be clever but failing. These are cardinal flaws that should stick out like a sore thumb when an episode is being put together.

Did they at any point think to give Isabel and Lisa an actual political issue to be motivated by that impacted them as students and highlighted their difference in political philosophy? Of course not. They just had them campaign on a whole bunch of nothing and empty promises and had that pointless sideshow of crooked Republicans trying to buy the election. Even post-classic Simpsons had those elements down in The President Wore Pearls.

So fun concept, terrible execution. Still loved the Lisa-Bart scenes and the animation. And at least Tim Long eps give Yeardley an opportunity to sing (which I do enjoy).

I'm giving this episode a 3/5 in the poll - but this is really closer to a 2/5. I have to grade on a curve for Tim Long episodes because this was miles better than Lisa Goes Gaga, Moe Goes from Rags to Riches, Elementary School Musical, Moonshine River and Love is a Many-Splintered Thing... despite being horribly flawed. Chalk it up to points for effort.

BrokenBox 07:11 PM 11-24-2013
You people are being too nice

zach 07:27 PM 11-24-2013
haha, that av goes so well with all your posts.

Insanity Pepper 07:38 PM 11-24-2013
This is easily my favourite episode of the season so far. Some scenes were pretty bad (especially the one in the attic), but there were some things I liked about it. I even laughed a few times. As for Isabel, I didn't really like her voice, and she could have used some more development before getting into the Republican vs. Democrat stuff. I mean, her friendship with Lisa seemed rushed. On the other hand, I generally liked her interaction with Lisa, even if it left a lot to be desired. The politics wasn't over done, in my opinion. It seems like it tried to go a bit lighter on the politics rather than shoving it in my face, at least at times. So, overall this episode was pretty mixed, but that puts it quite a bit above the last few episodes. 5/10

Captain Squid 07:41 PM 11-24-2013
Since the episode doesn't hit Hulu til tomorrow, what were the other banners in Willie's shed? I only spotted a Simpsons Movie dome reference and Whacking Day.


Episode was much better than expected, 3/5

The rivalry worked well, despite the Springfield Republicans dragging things down. I really liked the scene in the attic (so the olmec head moved upstairs, I see). Enjoyed the intro, despite the animation being not up to par with the material it was spoofing. The reappearance of Tuba Homer at the end in the flash forward was a nice touch.

How I'd rank the season thus far:

Treehouse of Horror XXIV - favorite so far
Labor Pains
The Kid is All Right
Four Regrettings and a Funeral

Lance.Uppercut 07:48 PM 11-24-2013
Pumpkin Pie Panther, yes, I found myself surprised by the Bergstorm gag, in a very negative way. Marge says, "Lisa, someone who loves you very much put butter on your veggies!" or something. We're left to assume that Marge is referring to herself. The "gag" is that it's not Marge but, ha ha ha, it's Mr. Bergstrom! Marge then says, "Thanks, Mr. Bergstrom. I'll tell Lisa you stopped by."

So the man who's about the most influential adult in Lisa's life besides her parents comes over to put butter on Lisa's food, and there's no intent for him to see Lisa anyway? He doesn't even say anything; there's just this awkward animation of him buttering Lisa's food. Just this vacant expression on his face. It's lifeless and rather off-putting. I know that Mr. Bergstrom was mentioned in S15, but I found that reference to be much more tasteful and tactful than what was included in tonight's ep.

It could have been, say, Grampa buttering the food. And his hand cramps up or something. Or maybe it could have been Selma doing it, and she blows a puff of cigarette smoke on the food, which turns the food grey and decrepit. I suppose it's good that, instead of going for the obvious, they picked the least likely candidate to do this menial chore. But, if they're going to do that obvious set-ups, I would have much rather had the writers include A) a secondary family member or B) a much more off-the-wall choice, like, I don't know, Gil. Someone with whom there isn't even a relationship with Lisa established, let alone someone who loves Lisa. In this rare case, I would have much preferred that the joke make less sense.

Oh, that's raspberry! 08:19 PM 11-24-2013
Originally Posted by Captain Scared:
Since the episode doesn't hit Hulu til tomorrow, what were the other banners in Willie's shed? I only spotted a Simpsons Movie dome reference and Whacking Day.
Funzo was mentioned on one.

Patches O'houlihan 08:47 PM 11-24-2013
Originally Posted by Pumpkin Pie Panther:
Lance.Uppercut, were you mad about the Bergstrom appearance? I liked it. I'm glad the writers acknowledged the hardcore fans by putting in a character that hasn't been seen in 23 years.
What was so clever about it? Because it was simply random that makes it funny?

That Don Guy 09:03 PM 11-24-2013
3/5 - almost a 4, but there wasn't really a "B" story

The "Silly Simpsony" is "A Gracie Films Picture" (presented by 20th Century Fox).

The music at the end of the "Silly Simpsony" was the closing theme music for 1F08 ("$pringfield").

On the spine of the copy of "Little Women" Lisa is holding, the title is in the wrong direction.

Maggie uses "Play-(Annoyed Grunt)"; then again, it is the appropriate color for the show.

If Marge voted for Reagan, she had to be at least 18 in 1984, which makes her at least 47 today.

Lisa called Isabel a Lincoln Republican - I assume this is different from a Log Cabin Republican?

"Larry David was on Fridays" - and he is "different" today in what way, exactly? (Fridays was one of the most liberal shows on television at the time.)

Two of the ice cream flavors are "Thrilla in Vanilla" and "Cone the Barbarian". A third might be "Sherbet and Peaches", although "Peaches and Sherbet" makes more sense.

Does this mean Isabel becomes a regular character now, even if she's limited to voiceless background scenes?

The other banners read:
Whacking Day: School Closed
Congratulations, Bart, On Being A Genius! (That one goes Season 1)
Coping With the Dome
The New Funzos Are Here!

The first grade election results are delayed indefinitely due to jelly in the ballots.
Nobody voted in the third grade election.
The fourth grade rep is (something) wiener (something)...Simpson!

Lisa's saxophone solos performed by Terry Harringron
Bart's trumpet solos performed by Bob Summers

Written by Tim Long
Directed by Mark Kirkland
No billboard, chalkboard, or couch; instead, the opening is a "Silly Simpsony"
Special Guest Voice: Anderson Cooper, Maurice LaMarche, Eva Longoria
Also Starring: Pamela Hayden, Tress MacNeille, Chris Edgerly
Overseas Animation: Akom
TV Rating: TV-PG-LV

Semaj 09:47 PM 11-24-2013
Not a bad episode, though a lot of the same issues with overplayed jokes remain.

The opening short (let's face it, they've become too elaborate to really be called couch gags anymore) was really brilliant! They probably should've saved that as their next theatrical short.


SimpsonArgentina 11:16 PM 11-24-2013
I disagree with the things that say in the poll...
For me it was one of the best of Tim Long, but still a bad episode of the season with Homerland.

I feel it like a mix of Lisa´s Rival (...with Isabel) and Summer Of 4 Ft. 2 (Marge and Lisa´s talk).
The final scene in the future is sure part of the "Bart to the Future" future.
No subplot make it good.
A lot of calls to other episodes and like the deatails in the attic.


Jerry P. 11:34 PM 11-24-2013
Originally Posted by That Don Guy:
Two of the ice cream flavors are "Thrilla in Vanilla" and "Cone the Barbarian". A third might be "Sherbet and Peaches", although "Peaches and Sherbet" makes more sense.

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