Short Series Finale. Original Airdate: May 14, 1989. While Homer is watching his TV show, Bart flies a kite outside with Maggie and Lisa. Suddenly, the wind blows and the kite gets stuck on the TV antenna, which messes up the reception. Homer gets a ladder, climbs on the roof and he tries to get the kite out of the antenna. However in the end, he ends up getting angry and rips the kite into pieces, ends up losing his balance and falls off the roof.

Rate and Stuff for the final time (in sequential order anyway).


◾This is the last Simpsons The Tracey Ullman Show short because Fox picked up The Simpsons for a 13-episode season.

◾Marge did not appear for the short.

◾This episode name may be a reference to The Simpsons series. As it is called 'TV Simpsons', the Simpsons aired on television not too long afterwards.