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Thread: Rate and Review: ''Family Portrait''

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    Rate and Review: ''Family Portrait''

    Original Airdate: March 6, 1988. Homer has trouble taking a normal family portrait. Every time they are close to a good picture, the family sabotages the shot.

    Rate and Stuff


    ◾Marge does not make any speaking appearances in this short.

    ◾This short replaced the couch gag in You Kent Always Say What You Want.

    ◾This is the first episode that shows Homer strangling Bart. This also the first short with Homer says ass.

    ◾Maggie has a set of teeth yet in real life, a baby does not have that much or even at all including herself.
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    Simple, yet at the same time incredibly relatable and that's what drew me in and why it remains a favourite.
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    Never seen this one before and it's really boring.

    I'm always surprised to see swearing in the Simpsons shorts, seeing as they're usually extremely clean. I'm surprised they got away with the nude paintings in The Art Museum.

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