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Thread: Rate and Review: ''The Aquarium''

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    Rate and Review: ''The Aquarium''

    Original Airdate: February 28, 1988. Homer takes Bart, Lisa and Maggie to the aquarium. Bart finds a way to get into the shark tank and swims with a shark.

    Rate and Stuff


    ◾Lisa says she wants to see a Giant Squid attack a Sperm Whale, even though she is an ecologist.

    ◾Marge does not appear in this episode.

    ◾This marks the first appearance of Springfield Aquarium.

    ◾Bart later showboated in an aquarium in the episode "Brake My Wife, Please", where this time he had no lucky clothes, which resulted in him being attacked by its inhabitants as he was escaping.

    ◾In this short, Bart has lucky red trunks. When The Simpsons became its own television show, he had a lucky red hat.

    ◾This episode is a reference to Jaws.
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    I think that was the first time I have ever heard Lisa say "What the hell".

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    A decent 4/5
    Quote Originally Posted by hammster View Post
    Better not waste it in the Lounge.

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    Certainly towers over the Al Jean era. 10/10, a masterpiece.

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