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why do i hate no homers?

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the community sucks

the end


  1. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    cool story bro
  2. Shadow The Hedgehog's Avatar
    i know that
  3. Company Picnic's Avatar
    we all do
  4. Company Picnic's Avatar
    apart from ModernSimpsonsRocks
  5. lolcats1's Avatar
    You were criticizing me!

    And, if you criticize me, then you don't love me.

    And if you don't love me, then you must hate me!
  6. Shadow The Hedgehog's Avatar
    The truth comes out!
  7. Safety Inspector's Avatar
    The Seemingly Never-Ending Topic...
  8. parklife's Avatar
    yeah nhc is just the worst man

  9. Patches O'houlihan's Avatar
    Settle down, Sharky!
  10. Must Kill Moe's Avatar
    What'd I miss?
  11. Dobbie's Avatar
    Is this fact, or opinion?
  12. parklife's Avatar
  13. Patches O'houlihan's Avatar
    Let's all pretend to love Mike Scully's reign of terror and melody will retract his comments.
  14. parklife's Avatar
    no retractions
  15. lovebug's Avatar
    oh ok
  16. MyNewUsername's Avatar
    Why do people go poop? They just do.
  17. hutz's Avatar
    Um, OK
  18. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
    penis butt
  19. Shadow The Hedgehog's Avatar
    you made me hungry