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  1. I used to like season 15...

    Then I went over and read "Me blog write good":
    This guy is going through and watching every episode of the show, and then he writes about them.
    He is very persuasive about the rising levels of dumbness. I don't know how I feel anymore.
  2. Mozart Creationist Title 2565

    A new hilarious show from lolcats! Episode 1 coming today.
  3. What the Actual Fuck

    You guys remember when I said my sister and brother-in-law owed me money for various things, such as the pills she takes so she doesn't smoke? Well, they needed groceries, and I gave them my card, and I asked if they'd add that to what they already paid me; at this point, they were over 100 dollars. You wanna know what I was told? "No, you're going to start paying rent." BULLSHIT.

    You do NOT take/'borrow' over 100 dollars from someone, and then instead of paying them that ...
  4. The No Homers Club Movie

    [I]A large group of nerds who base their time around an animated TV show must come out of the shadows to save the world of television as it slowly goes downhill. However, the hidden forces must stop them before they discover their plans.[/I]

    Release Date: TBA 2013

    Directed by: PythonMoleman
    Written by: TBA
  5. Got engaged and stuff...

    look closely at the title.

    look at the key word.