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  1. Christmas Apostrophe part 3 of 30

    by , 12-24-2015 at 10:36 AM (GABBIN' ABOUT GENOCIDE)
  2. BMC rates and reviews bands Episode 1: Staind

    by , 12-24-2015 at 03:06 AM (BMC's Weak Blog with a Weak Title)
    DISCLAIMER: BMC's real opinions on the band may or not be exaggerated to make this blog post more interesting.

    So, Staind is an American band from Springfield... I wonder if The Simpsons have ever ran into one of the band members at the Kwik-E-Mart. Nah, if they have ever met they would've been in an episode already. Let's start off with the band name and how awful it is. My first impression with Staind was their name and it immediately made me think of shit staind-underwear and I ...
  3. Pkkao's Stunning Vacation in San Francisco - Part 4 of 14

    by , 12-24-2015 at 01:27 AM (Pilcrows, pianos, and pilsners oh my)
    I saw a wild cat today. It was the first cat I've seen in at least two years. please take note you pet Freaks, this is how the rest of us live. 3/5
  4. its coming...

    by , 12-23-2015 at 09:43 PM (GABBIN' ABOUT GENOCIDE)

    please head to this webpage to stay updated !

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  5. Egg Council Creep reviews bands.

    by , 12-23-2015 at 07:01 PM (GABBIN' ABOUT GENOCIDE)
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    in the blogs u said
    ur a nutcase
    I changed my mind