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  1. Can't take this OCD...

    Fucking compulsions have been extremely severe lately. I can't stop making these stupid facial contractions. I've tried everything I can do. "What are you doing?" people ask. "Just ignore it," people say. BULLSHIT. If I try to ignore it, the urge just grows stronger and stronger until I do it. Then I'm relieved for about five seconds. Then it starts over again. WHY CAN'T I BE FREE OF THIS DAMN CONDITION?!
  2. Blog Title 140: A Day in the Life of an FBI Agent episode 2

    Previously, on A Day in the Life of an FBI Agent...

    Hi drug lab guy.

    Hi FBI agent.

    I am undercover to discover if you are selling drugs.

    I am.

    You're under arrest.


    And now... the conclusion

    Well I guess you can take me away but can you loosen my handcuffs a bit they're a little tight.

    Sure why not.


    Come back here! You won't get away with ...
  3. nothing


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  4. Blog Title 139

    Blog 139 contents.
  5. adventure video

    i went to a little place not too far from here i've never been to before called adventure video and HO-LY SHIIIT it has an endless supply of retro games and movies on different consoles and formats. i really really wish it were a bit closer but 40 minutes isn't a bad drive at all for all the great stuff its got.