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  1. When life gives you lemons

    by , 10-01-2015 at 07:00 PM (Pilcrows, pianos, and pilsners oh my) blog them.

  2. Things I'm never going to live down

    by , 09-30-2015 at 11:37 PM (BMC's Weak Blog with a Weak Title)
    - My reaction to the we could've carpooled joke
    - Calling The Interview surprisingly inoffensive
    - Thinking Peter scissoring his nose was the worst part of Brian the Closer
    - "I'd seriously be handing out extractions for trash like this."
    - Thinking a webcomic about OSS failing to pick up women would be a good idea... nah just kidding OSS Pick-up Lines Attempts isn't that bad
    - That I like Modern Simpsons
    - Comparing gese to an awful fanscript ...

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  3. @noodlesoup's daily Tinychat visit

    by , 09-30-2015 at 08:33 PM (Pilcrows, pianos, and pilsners oh my)
    [9:28 PM] noodle entered the room.
    [9:28 PM] noodle: hi
    [9:28 PM] noodle left the room.
  4. apollo 18

    by , 09-26-2015 at 06:51 PM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    i am gonna watch apollo 18
  5. TC treasurebox #4

    by , 09-23-2015 at 02:36 PM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    [7:34 PM] seandurkin: Smiling, here's what you tell him
    [7:34 PM] seandurkin: Never mind, couldn't think of anything
    [7:34 PM] seandurkin: But fuck him