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  1. Vote Chloe 2010

  2. MadDog Kirkland's Gruesome Threesome

    The annual Treehouse of horror specials are terror themed spectacles of horrific preportions. Which on is the scariest?

    This episode is truly evil. An evil awful abomination of, well, pardon the redundancy, but HORRIFIC PREPORTIONS. This episode does what none of the others were able to do, for whatever reason: place Sarge Morton, Chris Clements, AND James Purdum on the same list as eachother. ...

    Updated 11-13-2012 at 01:18 PM by zartok-35

  3. Just finished Sonic 4

    Yup, just got all 12 achievements for Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I. It's such a great game... really fun and so much like the original five games, released from 1991 through to 1994. My one criticism with the game is that It's too easy. There are too many rings and lives are given way too often. Robotnik also has very little health. Having said that, the achievement "Untouchable" is VERY hard, and took a while to acquire. Graphics are beautiful though, and I really enjoyed getting 200 ...
  4. Don't talk about Futurama in public...

    ...Because it will just disappoint you.

    (Hey, look, a blog that I may or may not use in future!)

    I went out to get pizza with a couple co-workers last week, one of which I didn't know very well. The other co-worker knew both of us well, and he introduced the topic of Futurama. He knew that both me and the other guy watch the show.

    ME: "Yeah, Futurama is such an amazing show."
    HIM: "God, I just loved that iPhone episode. That Susan ...
  5. alison brie eating bugs