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  1. Get Me That Thing, Will You?


    Get me that thing, will you?

    No, not that thing. The one next to it. No. It's right. Over. Your. Head. Right there. Can you grab it?

    JESUS don't break it. Be CAREFUL. It's priceless. Yes I know there's a price on it. But it's priceless. Just...gently...GENTLY bring it over here.

    Ah yes. Now place it in my hands. Wonderful. Wonderful. Was that so hard?

    Now, please strip.

  2. I will never be the boarder I once was

    Everything dies.

    Creativity can be squashed by the mad rush of ones lifestyle, or domestic life. Interests can fade with age. This has nothing to do with depression. This has nothing to do with having an axe to grind. Sometimes the best thing is for one to realize the truth of the matter. My desire to be topical here is nil, and I really won't even attempt to improve on that matter. That would be misguided and lackluster. My attention span is terrible online. I only say ...
  3. I'm published! Sorta...

    So, if anyone in the UK gets Neo Magazine regularly, you'll see that I have the star letter in Issue 78. I won a copy of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes for Wii. (I just gave them my address so they can send it to me)
    Pretty exciting if I must say so myself.
  4. My Xbox Live is deeeeeeeeeeead

    Well not really. But Timmy-level crippled. This shit is ridiculous. Why would they release such a buggy, broken update? It's literally a necessary software breaker. They force you to put something on your system that fucks over your routine with the machine.

    Xbox LIVE Marketplace
    Service Alert
    Users may experience difficulties with the following services:
    Content from Video Marketplace cannot be re-rented from the same console.
    We are aware of the problem ...
  5. The Prizes in Crackerjack Boxes Suck Now

    I was eating a box for the first time in years and all I got was a damn sticker. What the hell happened to the mini telescope I got when I was a kid? Cereals barely give you anything anymore, and now it seems I can't even turn to Crackerjacks for cheap novelty toys I'm never gonna use