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  1. Home made trivia simpsons game

    This is the 9th episode of a series I started recently. It all began with a chat with friends about the secondary characters in the Simpsons. Everyone is invited, you just need a good knowledge of the show and a passion for solving riddles.

  2. The highlight of my uneventful day...

    I saw this under the Recommended for You tab. I wanted to share it because it is beyond awesome. Seriously, I'm currently browsing websites where I can download the ringtone for this song. Foreign artists are amazing.
  3. What's the deal with homeless people?

    Seriously, man. They're everywhere. You know what else is everywhere? Houses, mother fuckers!

    You know what else bugs me? When they ask you if you can spare some change and you reach into your wallet and find you don't have any change, they just give you this look like they have no sympathy for you at all. Here you are forced to make the long trek to the atm if you want to buy some Wendy's for lunch and all they can think about is which bridge they're going to sleep under that night? ...
  4. Family Guy: It's A Trap

    Quote Originally Posted by qwerasdf View Post
    I laughed alot.

     what i hated Ewoks , Darth Twitty where did that come from , the scene in the desert  

    I do hope that they stop now with it though

  5. My Favourite Albums

    In which, I discuss my favourite Albums in no particular order.

    Sgt. Pepperís Lonely Hearts Club Band - I couldnít really do this list properly without an album from The Beatles and this is the pick of the bunch. There are a couple of duds (With a Little Help from Friends and When Iím 64 sound like they were written for adverts) but the album has enough stellar songs to cancel out these duds and be an exceptional listen. The album cover is also the best ever.

    Highlight: ...

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