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  1. Guess whose dad won a senate seat?

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    So, the ruling party, which has kept itself in power for 12 years mostly through looting and rigging, just got decimated in the National Assembly elections. It's a big deal from the bigger picture standpoint because, well, most of the ruling party members are crooks, cultists and thugs with no understanding of what their roles were in governing.

    Anyhow, the current president, who's serving out the term of the previous president, who died in office, decided
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  2. Bob's Burgers Gets Renewed

  3. dead island (at your own risk)

    I've just realized I use the phrase "depressing reminder" a lot. Not sure where I picked that up from.
  4. Curious about Basic Instinct

  5. How do teachers use The Simpsons in their lessons?

    I'm a 10th grade US history teacher as well as a graduate student. I have used the show frequently in my teaching, but always lamented the fact that finding new episodes to use was a laborious task. If you have had the same issue, try using this site.

    It is a work in progress and has a ways to go before it is finished. Let me know if you have episodes or lesson plans you have used that are not on the site. I would love ...