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  1. Some guy's dead mom

    So I get a voicemail from some doctor saying that my mom's passed away. At first I thought, who does this lady think she is, fucking with me like that? But then I started thinking, what if this was true? I teared up for a couple moments when my 'dead' mother called. I explained to her what happened, and...

    Well, we were laughing our asses off.

    But then I found out that the doctor meant to call a guy whose mother really did pass away. So we felt sorry for him. ...
  2. Nobuo Uematsu, you epic man!

    I'm glad to see that Nobuo Uematsu hasn't lost is godly touch since the Lost Odyssey soundtrack in 2007! As you may be aware, The Last Story, made my Mistwalker, was released in Japan last month and of course, the soundtrack is composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Anyway, I decided to have a listen to the soundtrack, as I love his work. I like the Battle theme and the Boss theme is great, too. However, I decided to check the Final Boss theme out, and I kind of wish I didn't because I CAN'T STOP LISTENING ...
  3. ‘Homer and Ned's Pale Moments Pass...’

    Quote Originally Posted by i.used.jell View Post
    “This time, he’s gone too far!” were the memorable words once cried by one Bart Simpson in fuming realisation to his clown hero selling out. This was a long time ago in season four’s ‘Kamp Krusty’ and it seems now after watching ‘Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass’ from season sixteen, we can make the same pertinent statement to the show’s creator Matt Groening.
    This was a dreadful episode. It had a dull unbelievable plot, one-dimensional over-characterisation and oddly, either overtly
  4. We have blogs now!?

  5. Blogging to advertise my blog, Living in a Rock and Roll Fantasy

    I know I have the link in my signature, so I didn't want to start a thread for it, but if anyone's interested I have started a music review blog. I only have two reviews (so far), but I am working on several more hopefully to be posted tomorrow before I leave for vacation. Albums I hope to have up tomorrow:
    Queen--Queen (1973)
    The Kinks--Face to Face (1966) (I just have songs from their previous albums represented in compilations)
    Yes--The Yes Album (1971) (I have most of the ...