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  1. College/Friend

    Yesterday was a good day.

    I hung out with my friend Matt like all day. First off, we went to Old Navy so I could get some new clothes. For some reason Matt really wants me to clean up, wear newer/better/cleaner clothes, etc. so he paid for all of what I got. I didn't get a lot though, just some new shirts and a couple pairs of pants.

    After that, we went to get me a haircut, for the "cleaning me up" thing. It was nice. Now that we're soon to be starting college, ...
  2. blogs are back the way they're supposed to be

    after my banning and stupid idiot's quieting, @joe miller decided to overthrow the blog empire while no one was looking. well, after i got back, stupid idiot fired shots onto @joe miller's base and i'm happy to report they are back full swing. victory for the idiot/wonderful empire.
  3. Birthday/College/Louie

    My birthday is a month from today and I am very excited. I'm pretty much always excited for my birthdays, especially as I get closer to 21{one more year!}.

    I'm going to have a small get-together with drinks and probably smokes. Definitely drinks. It's going to be a good time. First time I smoked/got drunk was at my 17th birthday, so to be able to do that 3 years to the date? Yep, it's going down.

    I don't think I'm going to be able to go to college on April 7, sadly. ...
  4. MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 4 (So Far)

    I decided to rate every episode aired so far, but I'll still find the average for the first half of this season. I'll post ratings for future episodes in the MLP thread.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle: 9/10
    Castle Mane-ia: 9/10
    Daring Don't: 8/10
    Flight to the Finish: 10/10
    Power Ponies: 9/10
    Bats!: 9/10
    Rarity Takes Manehattan: 9/10
    Pinkie Apple Pie: 9/10
    Rainbow Falls: 4/10
    Three's a Crowd: 7/10
    Pinkie Pride: 10/10 ...
  5. Louie

    I've been trying to get into shows for a while now. What usually happens is I watch for a season or so, then lose interest. Yesterday I finished Derek, the 7 episode run of episodes from Ricky Gervais{season 2 supposed to come this year I believe}. After that, a couple shows were recommended, one of them being Louie. I'd seen a couple episodes here and there and thought it was good, so I decided to. I am fucking hooked. There's 13 episodes in each season{3 now, 4th premieres in May of this year}. ...