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  1. laid


    past and past participle of lay.
  2. god walks into a bar... (II)

    and he sees someone drinking a red drink. he asks what it is and he replies, "a bloody mary". god then kills self.
  3. random samsins review: lisa's cat gets an A

    perhaps the samsins' first ever masterpiece, bart-in' in the wind, lisa's cat gets an A [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and is almost perfect in every way.

    lisa's cat gets an A and homer gets a wacky new pet. it's great and everybody likes it and that cameo from david hasselhoff was great and you really feel for lisa's cat and the acting on homer's pet genie the gene was great and goddammit chalmskin

    - handsome_devil
  4. 1000

    by , 03-27-2014 at 08:29 AM (The way Snrub thinks)
    So, 1000 posts.

    It took 6 months and 28 days to reach 1000 posts.

    ...I didn't really have anything planned, just wanted to do at least something.

    But yeah, 1000 posts, woohoo, here's to 1000 more.
  5. Simpsons/Unleashed/Taxes

    There's this site I go to to watch the newest Simpsons episodes. I'm still not caught up but I can finally wipe season 23 off the list; the only season I still need to see all of is 24 and like one or two episodes from 25. Unfortunately I've only seen like 3 or 4 episodes from s24. Hopefully it's not shitty? I don't know. But anyway, today I found out I can watch CLASSIC Simpsons too! I watched LETS earlier and Grampa vs Sexual Inadequacy. It was pretty nice.

    Unleashed is the current ...