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  1. Something I Remembered

    For the record this is a Simpsons-bashing blog, but it's a quick one and I do it jokingly.

    I was on the wikipedia page for The Simpsons and I went to various episodes, one of which was The Springfield Files, which as some of you may know is my favorite episode.

    Anyway, I went to the production part of the article, because I'm really fascinated by production of shows, and I read something a long the lines of Al Jean worrying about the episode being funny or not because ...
  2. Blogging Everyday

    Well, this is pretty much turning into my account, where all I did was write up blogs. Sure, I still post here and talk to people, but... blogs are fun too. I'm going to start doing a blog everyday. These will range from stupid shit about my day{oh trust me, it's stupid}, to me rating movies I saw in the theater, to me updating you about my book{it's going splendidly, thank you}, and anything and everything else I choose.

    These will be written in a way that's fun for me{adding ...
  3. Know What Makes Me Mad/I'm Writing a Book

    I'm going to try to do blogs more often on here, A. it's a way to talk about my life and what's going on{because I know you all care so much about Skylark Jones here}, and B. I don't really post a lot here anymore, a couple dozen or so a day if I'm lucky. So much for being the highest poster by my 5 year anniversary. Oh well, someday I probably maybe might be.

    Anyway, I was going to make two separate blogs, but I figured not to. Yesterday I attempted to make a blog for each of my ...
  4. MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 1 Ratings (Part 2)

    Hey guys, if you're finding these annoying and want me to stop, please say so. I won't be offended, don't worry. I just find doing these enjoyable

    Suited for Success: 9/10
    Feeling Pinkie Keen: 6/10
    Sonic Rainboom: 9/10
    Stare Master: 9/10
    The Show Stopper: 6/10 (A bit of a score boost due to the CMC theme song as well as the hilariously bad, but catchy performance )
    A Dog and Pony Show: 8/10
    Green Isn't Your Color: 9/10
    Over a Barrel: ...
  5. Favorite TV Shows #3- Whose Line is it Anyway?

    Ah, a subject I know much about. Comedy. Whose Line is it Anyway is an improvisational comedy show about 4 people{usually 4 guys but occasionally there's a girl thrown in the mix} who play 'games' for 'points' and is hosted by Drew Carey{probably the worst aspect of the show}.

    This show makes me laugh really hard. It's hard to explain since it's improv, but games they play include:

    -Irish Drinking Song. Pretty self-explanatory, they all sing and pretend to be drunk ...