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  1. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 "Felina" Part 2

    Two parts because there's too much to talk about. We're almost done folks!

    We get a quick retread of the flash-forwards with an interesting contrast to the pilot with Walt surrounded by family and friends. Walt got the excitement that Hank proposed, but with the next cut of him alone in his dark abandoned house, you can tell he misinterpreted what Hank meant vastly. While the difference is abrupt, the path he took wasn't worth it. Now I don't know how Walt managed from here on ...
  2. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 "Felina" Part 1

    Exactly one year later. A retrospective. Are your thoughts still the same as when it originally aired?

    I won't lie. I do tend to flip-flop between liking it a lot and holding criticism. The neo-nazis as antagonists lean more towards stereotypical than dynamic, and Walt having to go up against them kind of muddles the point of his graduation to the despicable guy he is. Perhaps the intention is to blind those of the audience even further who still believe his actions are justified. ...
  3. New Project

    I'm going through a list of titles in my head, and so far "Legacy" sounds like the best, but...

    Anyway, new show idea:

    Steve Kovitz used to be a hardened criminal. He was homeless for a period of time, and, not wanting to be, resorted to a life of crime to get out of his homeless shelter, and make a fortune. His plans worked. He did many bad things, but he was highly intelligent and got away with it all. When he made enough to get out of being homeless, he ...
  4. Simpsons-related Username of the Year

    Congratulations SimpsonsPervert1

  5. Ratings for all the Seinfeld episodes I've seen so far

    The Soup Nazi: fine