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  1. First blog post in... wait, actually...

    I hope people actually reads this thing. I don't want to have to write the following thing for next some minutes and don't consider it later in my life as a waste of my precious time...

    this IS my first blog post...

    What should I say? I've been really really inconsistent with my board performances ever since I've become the moderator. I do not know what to say about it. In one way, I feel like it happened because college and more real-life social life happened ...
  2. Anyone Else?

    Is anyone else depressed this Christmas?

    I'm depressed for a few reasons. One, this will be the first Christmas that I won't be getting anything from anyone, absolutely nothing. It would be nice if for my last Christmas here in Vegas my friend could get me something. I mean, he is rich but he has never gotten me a gift for Christmas, my birthday, or anything. Plus, he has never even wished me a happy birthday on my birthday.

    Two, I'm bored to tears just sitting around the ...
  3. Fill My Visitor Messages Wall With Seasonal Greetings+++

    Post a happy message and receive respect and goodwill from me... a joke is okay too, I guess.
  4. christmas cartoon-festival

  5. Who knows NOFX?