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  1. Creeping Death

    These are some lyrics I wrote yesterday (the first two verses and the chorus at a speech meet, the third verse and coda at a Mexican restaurant in Fremont). The lyrics are from the point of view of Death. Musically, I envision the song starting with an organ playing a normal funeral march, with the drums steadily gaining volume and leading into a guitar riff. After the second verse, I think a brief drum/bass led section leading into a guitar solo would sound pretty cool. Unfortunately, although ...
  2. Some guy's dead mom

    So I get a voicemail from some doctor saying that my mom's passed away. At first I thought, who does this lady think she is, fucking with me like that? But then I started thinking, what if this was true? I teared up for a couple moments when my 'dead' mother called. I explained to her what happened, and...

    Well, we were laughing our asses off.

    But then I found out that the doctor meant to call a guy whose mother really did pass away. So we felt sorry for him. ...
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