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  1. D

    by , 03-22-2014 at 07:07 PM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    but them Cs
  2. An Interview with Steve Edwardson, Father of 9/11 Victim Steve Edwardson Jr.

    by , 03-22-2014 at 11:09 AM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    Q: So, Steve, how did you feel when you learned your child had died?
    A: I had no children wtf
  3. Birthday/College/Louie

    My birthday is a month from today and I am very excited. I'm pretty much always excited for my birthdays, especially as I get closer to 21{one more year!}.

    I'm going to have a small get-together with drinks and probably smokes. Definitely drinks. It's going to be a good time. First time I smoked/got drunk was at my 17th birthday, so to be able to do that 3 years to the date? Yep, it's going down.

    I don't think I'm going to be able to go to college on April 7, sadly. ...
  4. MLP: Friendship is Magic Season 4 (So Far)

    I decided to rate every episode aired so far, but I'll still find the average for the first half of this season. I'll post ratings for future episodes in the MLP thread.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle: 9/10
    Castle Mane-ia: 9/10
    Daring Don't: 8/10
    Flight to the Finish: 10/10
    Power Ponies: 9/10
    Bats!: 9/10
    Rarity Takes Manehattan: 9/10
    Pinkie Apple Pie: 9/10
    Rainbow Falls: 4/10
    Three's a Crowd: 7/10
    Pinkie Pride: 10/10 ...
  5. munch munch munch

    by , 03-21-2014 at 09:10 AM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    i eat and then some