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  1. same

    by , 08-28-2015 at 09:19 AM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    Quote Originally Posted by handy wonder View Post
    A legend has died.
  2. tinychat things ep LXVII

    by , 08-27-2015 at 05:11 PM (GABBIN' ABOUT GENOCIDE)
    tom: I sometimes watch TBS livestreams
  3. Milan C. Miskovsky

    by , 08-27-2015 at 04:48 PM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    Milan Carl Miskovsky (May 11, 1926 October 15, 2009) was an American who served as a member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He helped negotiate the release of Gary Powers in 1960 and over 1,000 prisoners captured during the 1962 Bay of Pigs Invasion.

    Miskovsky was born on May 11, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up during the Great Depression, but his family did not suffer significant economic harm. Miskovsky's father was heavily involved in Chicago politics, and Miskovsky ...
  4. Murder of Udin

    by , 08-26-2015 at 07:54 PM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    Fuad Muhammad Syafruddin (18 February 1963 16 August 1996), best known by his pen name Udin, was an Indonesian journalist who was murdered in 1996.

    Udin was born on 18 February 1963, a date considered unlucky in the Javanese calendar as it fell on a kliwon Monday.

    On 13 August 1996 at around 10:30 pm local time (UTC+7), Udin received two visitors outside his home in Bantul, off Parangtritis Road. The visitors claimed to want to leave a motorcycle with him for safekeeping, ...
  5. Tinychat gaffe

    by , 08-25-2015 at 04:34 PM (Pilcrows, pianos, and pilsners oh my)
    [5:32 PM] noodle entered the room.
    [5:32 PM] noodle: hey hey its noodle comin atcha live from english
    [5:32 PM] noodle: wait shit the teachers coming
    [5:32 PM] noodle left the room.