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  1. i just found out about the CONES HOTLINE

  2. Fun Things To Do With Pillows

    by , 08-12-2015 at 09:39 AM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    1. sleep on them

    post more fun things to do with pillows in the comments section im lazy
  3. classics of textbook vol. I

    by , 08-10-2015 at 01:11 AM (Pilcrows, pianos, and pilsners oh my)
  4. the return of stupid idiot

    by , 08-08-2015 at 07:56 PM (Than Wyenn Memorial Productions)
    [12:54 AM] torm: you can buy the phoenix wright games for like 40 bucks on the app store
    [12:54 AM] torm: and the mega man games for like 15 bucks
    [12:54 AM] torm: and there are stupid idiots who buy these horrible ports
    [12:54 AM] torm: *pays 40 dollars for an app*
    can you believe this Sick Unintentional Reference to my Previous Username of Stupid Idiot
  5. My traumatic childhood

    Spent my childhood being covered in chocolate and having berries thrown at me

    it was tough growing up in the gateau