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  1. March 13, 2014

    Little known fact; I almost ALWAYS start these at the top of the hour; usually 9, today, 10 am. I also almost always run these for a half hour, meaning on average it takes me 22-30 minutes to fully type these out due to me thinking "Hm, is that all for today's blog?" or "Do I really wanna talk about this or that?" Believe it or not, I do sometimes decide against talking about certain topics. I treat these like they're a half-hour show. A half-hour show of just me talking about ...
  2. March 12, 2014

    Another blog where I talk about 2+ things, and such, let's get this on the road.

    Last night something kept hitting my face; I thought it was rain so I tried ignoring it. I sleep on a couch that's by a window that's open a lot because of all the smoke. But anyway, it got colder and colder and I couldn't handle it, so I got up, looked outside, and died a little; it was snowing. It still is snowing a little bit now as I type this, actually. It really sucks because the weather WAS starting ...
  3. March 11, 2014

    I have a bunch of little{or not...} things I wanna talk about, including what I was going to blog about yesterday{it was different than the college one I ended up writing about}. Whenever I have 2+ things to talk about I'm just going to name the blog after whatever date I'm posting it at.

    Well, first things first, since I didn't blog about it yesterday; Do you believe everyone deserves forgiveness?

    This occurred to me the other day. A few years ago, I'd probably say ...
  4. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 "Buried"

    Buried Buried Bo Buried Banana Fanna Fo Furied Fee Fi Mo Merried.... Buried!

    Right, now that I got your attention, lets dig into the tenth episode of the final season which is not as much a barrel of laughs as that opening sentence. Heh, am I right? Eek I should stop the review right here.

    We open with Old Man Albuquerque stumbling upon some fat stacks littered all over his city. Jesse's car has rolled into the nearby park and Jesse himself is trapped ...

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    Breaking Bad
  5. Big Choice- Hopefully Made The Right One

    This is an unofficial 'goodbye' from Skylark Jones. I'm not leaving forever, oh HELL NO, but I am taking an absence. Why?

    I... am going to college. Why the fuck have I NOT gone? I've been out of high school for 2 years. What have I done in that time?

    Oh, you know, cool shit like getting drunk as hell, getting high, etc. That's not all me anymore. It never should have been.

    The main thing that was holding me back was my shitty job; my job was in my hometown, ...