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  1. New Project

    I'm going through a list of titles in my head, and so far "Legacy" sounds like the best, but...

    Anyway, new show idea:

    Steve Kovitz used to be a hardened criminal. He was homeless for a period of time, and, not wanting to be, resorted to a life of crime to get out of his homeless shelter, and make a fortune. His plans worked. He did many bad things, but he was highly intelligent and got away with it all. When he made enough to get out of being homeless, he ...
  2. Simpsons-related Username of the Year

    Congratulations SimpsonsPervert1

  3. Ratings for all the Seinfeld episodes I've seen so far

  4. what

    Quote Originally Posted by Smiling Politely
    Stop awful-ing.
    what is this post and why is it so needlessly meanspirited? what have i done to you? answer me @Smiling Politely thanks in advance
  5. Duks season 3 [8] (9/23/14)