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  1. classic chatbox moments ep 2

    Weregeezer: Well N, if you have a dental phobia, you don't want anything that will cause you to skip going to the dentist, because that's seriously important
    Weregeezer: I just think it's probably best to avoid things that will have an actual negative imact on your lie, life a movie that will cause you to stop you from going to the dentist
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  2. Snrub

    @Monster Snrub

    dont fuck up my N catchphrase anymore please

    it ain't "new and improved ways" it's "new and spectacular ways"


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  3. on my sitting and typing adventures episode 1

    i saw someone right outside the house wearing a happy birthday hat with some balloons across from a garage that is close to me, and i'm thinking 'cool' but then he walked off, and i remember 'i don't know this man'
  4. on my drive home adventures episode 1

    people were giving alcohol to each other in a dusty alley... this would make sense if they were underage but i think they were like in their late 40s so i don't know
  5. on my walking adventures episode 1

    i saw someone wearing a shirt with the yellow pages logo on it