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  1. Snospitmmer SimpEhtson's Avatar
    Hey, that username doesn't even exist!
  2. tormented's Avatar
    that is a very nice picture of a football player sniffing a bike helmet
  3. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    i knew it!
  4. Ryan's Avatar
    so... I'm still receiving my monthly government paycheck right?
  5. hamm's Avatar
    So the NSA know that I think Beyond Blunderdome is pretty funny? GODDAMN.
  6. Kid Moe's Avatar
    Well, that explains the FBI agents snooping around outside my house...
  7. Hommer for the Holidays's Avatar
    Why did they need our Simpsons episode ratings? WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING US?
  8. tormented's Avatar
    god dammit

    stripping you of your admin privileges immediately
  9. hutz's Avatar
  10. tones's Avatar
  11. Little Nellie Kelly's Avatar
    But the guff is the best stuff ever.
  12. hamm's Avatar
    You aren't planning on getting rid of the guff, are you? C'mon Jamie! The Guff!
  13. tones's Avatar
    boarders gonna work it out
  14. Real Melvin's Avatar
  15. Blake's Avatar
    I doubt it
  16. Blake's Avatar
    Were there already 91 that70sguys taken?
  17. Revolver's Avatar
    i think there sould be fee cuts for the wealthiest boarders. the money they save should trickle down to the poorer members of the site.
  18. that70sguy92's Avatar
    Well, I'd say that's an honor.
  19. bartyboy's Avatar
    So, if paypal is accepted, who do I send payment to?
  20. Steve's Avatar
    Whooo boy, sure am glad moderators are exempt from the fees. I made it in just in time!
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