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Safety Inspector

  1. My Top100 Simpsons episdodes

    My previously list was very strange. It contained many "so-so" post-classical episodes, but didn't include a lot of great classical.
    Now I have corrected all the errors. So, that's my the list of 100 best episodes (after watching 499 episodes):

    100. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington (S3)
    99. Chief of Hearts (S21)
    98. Simple Simpson (S15)
    97. Krusty Gets Kancelled (S4)
    96. In Marge We Trust (S8)
    95. The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest ...

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  2. My bottom 50 epsiodes

    Finally, I finished that!

    50. The Wettest Stories Ever Told
    49. Revenge is a Dish Best Served 3 Times
    48. Homer's Odyssey
    47. The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed
    46. Beyond Blunderdome
    45. Gump Roast
    44. Love Is a Many Strangled Thing
    43. You Kent Always Say What You Want
    42. Papa Don't Leech
    41. Kill the Alligator and Run
    40. The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
    39. All Singing, All Dancing
    38. Selma's Choice ...

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  3. My Season Ranking

    (best and worst in season)

    1. Season 8 (The Springfield Files- You Only Move Twice)
    2. Season 7 (22 Short Films about Springfield- Lisa the Vegetarian)
    3. Season 4 (Lisa's First Word- Selma's Choice)
    4. Season 5 (Cape Feare -Homer's Barbershop Quartet)
    5. Season 6 (Treehouse of Horror V- Another Simpsons Clip Show)
    6. Season 3 (Bart the Murderer- The Otto Show)
    7. Season 15 ('Tis The Fifteenth Season- Co-Dependent's Day)
    8. Season 10 ...

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