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  1. which of the friends are you

    1. you meet a white girl or boy in the coffee shop where you perform most of the exposition for this weeks crazy hijinks and also the coffee shop is called "central perk". how do you greet them?
    a) "would you like a coffee?"
    b) "hello"
    c) "how are you doing today?"
    d) "could i BE any more in tv's most beloved 90s sitcom?"
    e) "do you like my musical instrument?"
    f) "i like dinosaurs" ...
  2. the time some guy in the chatbox who i have never heard of before said RUBBIS instead of rubbish

  3. good news! azerbaijan is complete!

  4. my struggle: part one of one

    it's nursery. i'm 2 or 3 or 4. one of the younger ages. i'm a free spirit, an individual and dynamite with the ladies. one afternoon, i'm all business in the sandpit. one of my top lady friends approaches me with a tear in her eye indicating crippling existential despair. like her whole understanding of the planet had been challenged.

    i've seen this look before. i inquire into what horrors her hopeless face could possible pertain to. her face like a soggy unexploded firework. her ...
  5. john fashanu

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