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  1. star wars

  2. i hereby announce my intention to stand as an mp for the ffa in the nhc general election 2015

    it is a privilege to announce the start of my campaign for this position. i strongly believe that i am the only candidate who has been consistent in their strong stance on nerds, losers and haters.

    my 3 key policy pledges:
    - the abolishment of nerds
    all boarders will be forced to complete tests on the following subjects: alien languages in star trek, characters and their allegiances in game of thrones, some shit about battlestar galactica and computers.
    a passing ...
  3. board, in your darkest moments, remember this

  4. i wanna see this

  5. psa: stop feeding bread to ducks

    It's a seemingly innocent pastime. But experts warn that feeding ducks bread is not just bad for the bird's health - it can damage entire ecosystems, says Justin Parkinson.

    Throwing crumbs of stale bread in a pond or river is a ritual of family days out dating back to at least the 19th Century. Ducks vie with geese, swans, moorhens, sometimes gulls, for their fill.

    It's long been recognised that
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