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Dark Homer

  1. Throwback Threadnesday #1

  2. Simpsons-related Username of the Year

    Congratulations SimpsonsPervert1

  3. New Rule (IMPORTANT)

  4. Apology

    For the past ten years No Homers Club has been a participant in the controversial electronic surveillance program known as "PRISM." In exchange for monetary compensation and diplomatic immunity, we supplied the National Security Agency with confidential user data, including post histories, IP addresses, private messages, credit card numbers, Simpsons episode ratings, post counts, and blogs.

    We are sorry for misleading our members and not disclosing this fact sooner. As ...
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  5. Upgrading to HTML4.20; downtime expected

    Over the next two years we will gradually be upgrading the board's HTML, so it will be fully HTML5-compliant by the end of 2012. Next week may see some downtime as we upgrade the board from HTML4.15 to the HTML4.20 specification. Here's a screenshot from our test database:

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